What We Do

Complete Approach

Prasco is an independent, innovative healthcare company that uses a complete approach designed to expand horizons for our partners, customers, and patients. Placing a high value on our insight, dedication, and expertise, industry-leading companies rely on Prasco for solutions within the generic, Authorized Generic, and brand markets.


  Industry Experience      
Our corporate approach is to break down barriers and open new opportunities for partners, customers, and patients. We call this philosophy Unlimit.     Our extensive brand and generic experience gives customers and partners confidence in collaborating with Prasco.  
Knowledge-Based Planning   Execution  
We tap into a deep industry understanding to determine the most effective and efficient ways to return value to partners and customers who choose Prasco. We analyze every possibility fully before making strategic recommendations.   One of our core values is to “execute tasks with excellence to exceed our goals”; such as Prasco’s experienced leadership and dedicated team members work to ensure each and every partnership is a successful one.   
Industry Support   Long-Term Focus  
Prasco offers comprehensive assistance to partners by providing a complete range of pharmaceutical services: Business Analytics/Planning, Supply Chain, Sales/Marketing, Distribution, Finance, Government Administration, and Medical/Regulatory Affairs.   Our goal is to extend the lifecycle of all products while providing lower-cost options to patients. We commit resources and personnel toward achieving that goal and building long-term relationships with our partners.     



Our Business Philosophy

Unlimit® represents our corporate philosophy of removing limits for brand partners, customers, and consumers. Our goal is to unlimit others by identifying new possibilities within the marketplace, building strong partnerships, and driving innovative solutions.


Unlimit means new scenarios for our partners' branded products in the face of generic competition — it means new revenue that can be reinvested into developing
life-saving products.


Unlimit means strong relationships, proprietary sales programs, and creative solutions all designed to reduce costs within the
healthcare system.


Unlimit means high quality, affordable medicines and, in the case of Authorized Generics, more competition resulting in a cost-benefit for patients.


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